033 – Musical Chair

Despite near impossible odds we managed to convince another person to be our guest! Join me in welcoming our good friend Bill Yori onto the show! It’s also worth mentioning that this isn’t just any episode . . . it’s the one requested by you, our listeners more than any other topic. So let’s talk about sex, murder, incest, magic and the politics of carrying a sword. Let’s finally discuss Game of Thrones!

Full disclosure though. I watched more than three seasons in basically one sitting, and then immediately went to Disney World for a week. I can’t remember how to smile
without using my teeth . . . and colors taste funny. I hope you enjoy the show!

Welcome to our newest episode, ever – by far the most new episode we’ve ever produced!
It’s so new, it still  has that new podcast smell! (Or maybe I stepped in something, it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes…)
Anyway, thanks for listening, and thanks to Bill for joining us on the show!
See you in June, Bitches!



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Topics mentioned: Burn Notice, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, The Station Agent, Elf, Knights Of Badassdom, Wizard of Oz

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