116 – Podcastober 6 : Wailing Black


It’s another Podcastober in a long line of great Podcastobers. The 6th Podcastober actually. Seems impossible that we could have made so many Podcastobers already, but here we are. Shoot, now I’ve said Podcastober too many times and it no longer sounds like a real word. Podcastober.

If you’re not familiar with how this works let me fill you in. Justin and I each pick a relatively obscure movie in the horror genre and watch them back to back. Then we record an episode where we talk about both in excruciatingly fun ways. It’s filled with spoilers and is a pretty great time. Mostly it saves you from having to watch them yourself. Think of it as a Halloween treat from us to you.

Happy Podcastober everyone!


Ghost noises!
Chain waggles!
Watch out for those chompy night time boys!
Welcome to our sixth annual Podcastober!
I hope you’re ready to hear about some creepy movies, because this year’s selections are bound to give you a real what for.
I haven’t slept for a week!
Look out for the hairy mans that bite in the moontimes!
Creaky creak, mother lovers!



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